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Barton Whaley, 1969, Soviet Clandestine Communication Nets: Notes for a History of the Structures of the Intelligence Services of the USSR, (Research program on problems of international communication and security), Cambridge (Mass.), Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/AD0705606.
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Creators: Whaley
Editeur: Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge (Mass.))

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The monograph describes the history, organization, operations, and personnel of the clandestine communication networks of the various intelligence services of the Soviet Union. It is rather narrowly focussed on organizational matters and avoids espionage and other secret operations except for illustrative purposes. It's principal value is as a reference work, complete with a glossary of intelligence terms, some rough draft case studies, a who's who of over 100 Soviet intelligence personnel, and a bibliography of the works cited in the study. Of particular importance is the GRU, the Army's military intelligence service, which since 1918 has proven, widely active, highly professional, and appropriately unobtrusive in its strategic intelligence role.
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